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My last entry was 37 weeks ago, according to LJ. Nearly a year!

Just on to remind people that my bday "celebration" will be at Zippy's on Thursday, the 23rd (my 25th birthday :( ) at 7.
After the poetry reading, I would like to go to an Irish pub on Colby. I have never been there, but saw it yesterday, and would like to go. I like Irish pubs!

Sorry this is such short notice of a reminder. There have been funerals, relationship infos, and a bad fall yesterday onto weights. I am using my cane today!

Hope you can make it!

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I lost my job that I had lined up for a month. It was to work at the same place I did 3 summers ago, doing clerical assitance and data entry, so forth. The pay was good and the hours were GREAT- 40 hrs a week, $9.45 an hour-starting at.

I wasnt to start until July 9 but I got a call that HR had to cut two people's hrs and they were giving them mine. I couldnt be more crushed unless someone died or Matt broke up with me.
I REALLY needed this money. For college. I stood to make $4000 this summer, which is enough for at least 1 quarter at college. and god I am stuck at home for 3 months, I dislike that. Going to look for a job constantly...wish me luck. I'm really fucking crushed.

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I'm home until Friday, then I go for two weeks to Anchorage for my brother's wedding. I'll call people tomorrow and hopefully we can hang out before then. If not, I'm home the rest of the summer (though I'm working 40 hrs a week, M-F 8-5) as a clerical assistant at the place I worked at a few years back. But hey, most of y'all are nocturnal anyway, right? ;)
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havent written in a few months. Here's a quick update.

Im doing really well. I worked my butt off all quarter but was recieving mostly B+'s in my hardest class, Chinese Lit, then wrote a kickass 15 pg essay and got an A-.
Sociolinguistics A-. Latino Lit- A.

My GPA for the quarter is 3.8 and overall 3.7.

I was really really sick this quarter and (probably) misdiagnosed with Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. It's really something to be told you might have a disease which causes infertility and other issues. But after taking reallly really harsh antibiotics that made me throw up within 20 mins (if i didnt take nausea medicine) - no tests showed evidence of PID, infection or Chlamydia, Gonorrhea. It may have just been the stomach flu which was spreading like wildfire.
I'll find out soon when more tests are done.

My first roommate is going back to Korea, she was going to come home one more time but didnt meet for the last bus out and havent heard from her since.

My second roommate was crazy with OCD and other issues and moved out, currently have no roommate.

I have been looking at internships and scholarships , gonna fill out some during this spring break but just recieved info that one internship I was REALLY interested in might not be what I wanted.

Trying to get up desire to go jobhunting, but with absolutely NO transportation and 2 weeks devoted to my brother's wedding, I dont know if I CAN work. and I cant have a summer scholarship, either, because of the wedding. Sigh.

Matt and I will have been going out for 5 months this April 1, and it has gone so fast. All my time at WWU has. Matt and I are doing well, only caveat is I have a huge crush on a girl at school and part of me has longed for a long time to just explore lesbianism.
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You were afraid of never being loved,
I didn't want to love again
You were afraid of broken hearts
I didn't want the fissures in my heart to heal
You were afraid of giving too much
I had no more left to give
You were afraid women would hurt you
I wished I could hurt men
and so we lived in separateness
until as black yang meets white yin
darkness let the light settle into the cracks in our heart
cracks which fit perfectly in their contrast
to come together
and to close
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What's up?

I'm coming home next weekend and was thinking could have a casual bday party - Since I live in the boonies and you wouldnt want to hang at my place, anyway, we could kick it at Zippy's Cafe in Everett, play some old school board games or if they have music, listen to that.. then for those of us who want to/ can, we could head to a bar or club (location + place open to debate) for some fun. No gifts needed, just your lovely presense!

SO: What day would work better for you? Friday the 20th or Sat the 21st? Call me at my cell (if you dont have it, ask someone who does or email me) , I will try to call some of you but I dont have everyone's number.
Hope everyone is doing well!

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Bonjour from France! Just letting you know things are well and if anyone wants me to send them a postcard, let me know! Just email me your address. Bonne journee!
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Was going to visit my friends once more before heading to Paris next Thursday, but found out last night my grandfather has terminal cancer, and kidney failure. So am going to Oregon for the weekend to see him. I probably won't be in the US when he goes, and won't be able to attend his funeral.
Just thought I'd let people know... not ready for trip yet. Sigh. I'm sorry, I won't be able to see anyone but I love you all and hope to see you in 6 weeks. Have a good summer and Happy birthday to those summer kids!


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Got into Western!
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omg everytime i try to write anything here i always accidentally delete right before i post and i wrote so much and so much is going on but screw it.

im going to france, not italy, most likely and if you have questions, talk to me in person.

i really dislike LJ these days.

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